Psychedelic is a common word associated with hallucinogenic mushrooms, cannabis, and of course edibles.

Before, these substances were frowned upon my politicians and and local officials; however, studies have found the benefits outweigh the harm.

This would include if one suffers from depression, anxiety, migraines and headaches.

Oakland and Berkeley California have been at the forefront of trying to be the first to legalize and bring about change in the realm of welcoming these substances; however, states such as Oregon are really trying to make the push to be the beacon of this new frontier. Other states such as Colorado are also trying to push to legalize these substances.

These states realize the type of huge tax benefits (which means funding) for their state. The question now is which state will be the mecca, the face of U.S. psychedelics?

California has been taking an aggressive stance in recent years, and now that there’s a new administration, California with their abundance of funding and resources will aim to push for California to be the capital for Psychedelic substances.